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Staying Safe on the Playground

Staying Safe on the Playground


Children were not meant to stay cooped up indoors all the time. As parents, you want to encourage to get outside and be creative with their play. This is why playgrounds have been so popular for so many years. Unfortunately, playgrounds can also present many hazards and lead to devastating brain injuries if you are not careful. As parents or caregivers, you want to help avoid this if at all possible. Thankfully, there are some great ways to help your children stay safe while on a playground. Continue reading to learn more about this important topic.


Here Are Some Sobering Facts


You might be wondering why this is such an important topic. Let’s begin with the fact that more than 200,000 young people in the United States are rush to the emergency room because of some type of injury incurred on a playground. An estimated 15 children die every year because of their actions on a playground. With 79% of all playground injuries occurring as the result of a fall, many of the issues encountered are related to traumatic brain injuries.


It is also a sobering fact that rough ¾ of all injuries that children incur today are the result of playing on a public playground. With many these injuries involving the head, it is important to take a look at the equipment that you are allowing to children to play on in an effort to keep them safe moving forward.


Preventative Playground Tips


Now that you know the facts behind the number of playground injuries and how many of them result in a TBI, it is important to consider some preventative tips that will help children stay safe while playing.


To begin, you will want to make sure that your children are playing with equipment that is specifically designed for their age. You will want to keep children under 5 years of age from playing on any equipment that is more than eight feet tall. Since children are natural climbers, you do not want your little one’s getting too high in the year. The fall can lead to serious injury.


Even if you believe that your children are responsible to play on their own, a responsible adult should still be supervising them at all times. Roughhousing should not be allowed, and your children should be encouraged to play according to the rules that you set out for them.


You also want to look at the floor of any playground. Cement or a hard surface is a worrying sign. Instead, you want some type of cushioned environment under there. The idea playground is one that has a minimum of 12 inches of soft surface on the floor. This commonly comes in the form of wood chips, torn up tires, tree mulch, or even find gravel. The idea is to soften any fall that might occur.


Since many falls on the playground occur because a piece of clothing snags on the equipment, you will want to make sure that these hazards are minimized. Close any S looks that look troublesome. This will help prevent a child from being strangled.




These tips are designed to help children stay safe on the playground. The key is to be proactive. Think through potential hazards and take care of them prior to a brain injury occurring. Remember that children cannot always be expected to take care of themselves. Parents and caregivers must go in front of them to prepare the way.



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