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4 Simple Ways to Help a Person with a Traumatic Brain Injury

4 Simple Ways to Help a Person with a Traumatic Brain Injury


They might not say it or even show their appreciation at first, but individuals suffering from a traumatic brain injury need your help. However, the kind of help they need might not be the kind you are thinking of. Certain things should be said, not said, and actions taken that you might think counter to the rehabilitation process.


The reality is that this is not about you. It is about your loved one. You need to be there for them on their own terms, even if it goes against what you are thinking is best for them. Continue reading to discover four simple ways that you can help a person suffering from a traumatic brain injury.


Don’t Blame Their Actions on the Medications


Regardless of your personal opinion on us medication to overcome a variety of ailments, you must be mindful that you are not the person’s doctor. Certain medications are proven to be helpful to victims of a traumatic brain injury, but they do have side effects. It is important that you not draw attention to these side effects as a way to encourage them to stop taking the medication in the first place.


While it is true that medication can lead to insomnia, fatigue, and much more, the benefits typically far outweigh the temporary setbacks. Instead of drawing attention to the medication as the likely culprit, find ways to help your friend or family member through each issue, one at a time.


Refrain From Doing Everything for Them


It is human nature to want to do anything you can to help a person who is suffering. However, this is not always advisable when it comes to a victim of a traumatic brain injury. You might think that it is just easier to do something for them, but this could be detrimental to their recovery.


Independence is one thing that is lost in the short term when a person has a traumatic brain injury. It is also the primary thing that they want to gain back. When you do everything for them, you deny them that opportunity. Instead, just be an aid to them who is ready to help when needed. Be there for them, but do not do everything for them.


Don’t Constantly Tell Them to Think Positively


You need to understand that a certain amount of negative thinking is to be expected by a person suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Your friend or family member’s life has just been turned upside down. There is often nothing positive about that. Instead of rejecting their negative thoughts, work to find ways to occupy their attention until the moment passes. Do not simply discount the thought and tell them that they should be thinking more positively.


Stop Mentioning That They Are Lucky to be Alive


It is easy for you to look on the bright side of things when you are on the other side of a traumatic brain injury but reminding your friend or family member of how lucky they are to be alive is not advisable. Some individuals may not feel that lucky at all. Do not draw their attention to what has happened. You need to be careful in your efforts to help your loved one feel better.




These are four simple, yet powerful ways to help a person who is suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Remember that it is often the simple things in a relationship that have the most meaningful impact. Just be there for the person and provide them with the comfort and care that they need. That is often the best thing that you can do in the end.



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